Talent & Education

Talent & Education

Rotterdam is the city where talented people and promising businesses are given every opportunity. The combination of knowledge, education and entrepreneurship makes Rotterdam a city that leads in innovation.
In Rotterdam, education and the business community work together to tackle the challenges faced by the city. Enthusiastic and ambitious students and teachers join forces with enterprising employers that are prepared to invest. Companies and organisations, including the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Municipality of Rotterdam, define research projects for the schools and universities. For example, an innovation dock with labs has been set up in the port of Rotterdam. Creative manufacturing companies work together with students here to bring innovative products to fruition. The results include the use of 3D printing to make metal spare parts for ships, underwater drones that are capable of inspecting quay walls and rivers, and the floating houses and circular houses that have been designed and built by the students.

Challenge accepted.

The Port of Rotterdam, a place of golden opportunities that attracts innovators, professionals and (international) market leaders.