Commodity trade


Rotterdam is a global hub for commodity trading. It’s the place where trans-shipment, trade and industry meet. A unique combination of services and an exceptional supply of raw materials for trading and using ensures that Rotterdam – together with Geneva and Singapore – is one of the top three traders in the world.

Rotterdam has a long history in trade and shipping, going back to 1600. A lot of businesses and organisations in the trade & maritime sector started off in Rotterdam, or they’ve been running their businesses in this region ever since. Our world-famous international port has grown into a hub for commodity trading throughout the centuries. In particular, trade in vegetable oils and fats, cereals, nuts, seeds and chemical products is concentrated strongly here in Rotterdam. The big traders opt for Rotterdam due to its outstanding logistics facilities, its fast and reliable infrastructure, its integrated network of entrepreneurs operating in the processing industry here, and its specialised maritime business services providers. These are all the ingredients they need to ensure that their businesses run smoothly and to enable them to serve their customers all over the world.



The Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Municipality of Rotterdam are continually investing in the infrastructure to ensure that Rotterdam remains Europe’s most attractive location for commodity traders when storing and transporting raw materials. Another feature that makes Rotterdam even more attractive is the strong concentration of specialised maritime business services providers, which are essential to traders when trading their goods and financing, insuring and shipping their cargoes.

million tons dry bulk goods
million tons oil & oil products
million tons joint capacity of five inland refineries


Rotterdam is Europe’s maritime capital city for businesses operating in the field of commodity trading. This is where efficiency, safety and innovation all join forces; this is where it’s all happening.


Not only is Rotterdam a fantastic city to do business in; it’s a wonderful place to live and work as well. It’s a world-famous international port that attracts businesses and keeps them here. And it’s a city for free spirits and pioneers, for those with the courage to make use of the available scope and really make their dreams come true.

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