Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation Ecosystem


Rotterdam recognises that organic growth alone cannot secure a strong future for our port, shipping, offshore activities and industry. Our future prosperity depends increasingly on smart and innovative solutions. So the city and the port of Rotterdam have joined forces to create an environment in which innovative businesses can flourish and grow. Rotterdam is taking steps to establish itself as an leader in autonomous navigation, blockchain applications, the circular economy, smart materials, innovative offshore construction and many other fields. Once again attracting ambitious pioneers and revolutionaries, like those who built the city in the past.

For example, the city’s many fossil fuel-based businesses are being encouraged to digitise and explore innovative and sustainable technologies. And there is a strong focus on the future of shipping. We construct the most innovative ships in the world and devise innovative solutions for reducing engine emissions and purifying ballast water. All these new products and techniques help build new value chains and keep the city and the port complex safe and accessible. The fact that the Cambridge Innovation Centre has decided to set up its first international branch in Rotterdam confirms that the city is fast becoming a fertile breeding ground for new ideas, start-ups and scale-ups.

Rotterdam has now become a breeding ground for new ideas, start-ups and scale-ups. Cambridge Innovation Centre’s decision to set up its first international branch in Rotterdam is proof positive of this.


By investing in hotspots such as our city, our port and industry clusters, Rotterdam has surged into the lead in the race against its global peers. We are implementing the transition to a carbon neutral economy at a faster rate than most other large ports. Our success is based on well-organised transition roadmaps, intensive field-testing of each and every innovation, knowledge sharing and partnerships between start-ups and industry giants. Furthermore, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Municipality of Rotterdam are also investing in initiatives that can make a vital contribution to shaping a modern and sustainable economic model.

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maritime tech startups


Rotterdam is Europe’s maritime capital city for the world’s leading enterprises operating in the field of innovations in the maritime sector. This is where efficiency, safety and innovation all join forces. This is where it’s all happening.


Rotterdam is not only a perfect city for sealing business deals. It is also a great place to live and work, a world-famous international port, a city for freethinkers, pioneers and revolutionaries and a city that encourages its inhabitants to realise their potential and make their dreams come true.

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