Foreign media often glowingly refer to Rotterdam as one of the 'top cities in the world'. Because of its architecture, art and culture, restaurants and night scene. A brash port with international allure and a cosmopolitan way of life.


In Rotterdam, what you see is what you get. That is what makes the city so enjoyable. A metropolis that charms you with its totally unique character and down-to-earth inhabitants. Icons such as the Euromast, the Cube Houses, the Erasmus Bridge and Rotterdam’s Market Hall are embraced by the people of Rotterdam and visitors from all over the world. Historic cities such as Schiedam, known for its windmills and invigorating ‘Jenever’ gin, and Dordrecht are just around the corner. The Hague, Amsterdam and Antwerp are an hour away by train.

Credit: Iris van den Broek


In terms of culture, the city has something for everybody, ranging from famous museums to several venues for pop concerts, theatres, mainstream cinemas and art house cinemas. Rotterdam is also the venue for Art 

Rotterdam, an international contemporary art fair, the International Film Festival, which attracts 300,000 visitors each year, the North Sea Jazz Festival and the International Architecture Biennale event.


You can shop in a wide choice of specialised boutiques and concept stores in strategic locations throughout the city. There are things to see and do everywhere. 

As you would expect in this city of craftsmanship, you can also find design and fashion products produced by local designers such as Susan Bijl and Monique van Heist.

Credit: Door Iris van den Broek

Eating out

The food culture in Rotterdam is as diverse as the city itself with its 650,000 inhabitants and 170 nationalities. There is everything from street food stalls and a metropolitan mix of flavours in urban market halls, to Michelin star restaurants. 

Rotterdam also has its very own beer culture with a wide variety of locally brewed beers.

Credit: Iris van den Broek


Even though Rotterdam is a busy metropolis, housing is affordable here. Whether you are interested in a classical 1930s home in Kralingen, a loft on one of the piers, or a modern apartment in the city centre. 

The square metre price is substantially lower than in the rest of Europe. A wide range of childcare facilities and (international) schools also make Rotterdam ideal for children.

Outdoor activities

When you feel like enjoying the outdoors, wooded areas and the beach are just a stone’s throw away. The city itself is full of beautiful parks where people enjoy spending time, both in the summer and the winter.