These terms and Conditions are applicable to the Toolkit - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe,

  • The resources made available on the Toolkit platform can be used for communications and content that create a positive image of the Rotterdam maritime region, as a destination or an attractive place to live, do business, study, or organise events.
  • By anyone, if the resources are not used to promote a product or service directly.
  • The user has only a limited right of use for the above purposes and does not acquire a proprietary right. Intellectual property rights to the resources shall at all time remain with the relevant copyright holder(s).
  • It is not allowed to change or edit photo and video resources made available on the Toolkit.
  • In case of any kind of improper and/or prohibited use, the user will be liable for possible third-party claims in relation to copyright, intellectual property rights, privacy breaches, and other forms of loss or damage caused by the improper/unlawful use. The City of Rotterdam cannot be held liable for such loss or damage and are not a party in (the settlement of) such cases.
  • The City of Rotterdam reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of use of Toolkit resources at any time without prior notice.