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Rotterdam has been declared the European leader in the 2024 edition of the ‘Leading Maritime Cities of the World’ report by DNV and Menon Economics. Thus, Rotterdam maintains its rank from the 2022 report. A well-deserved recognition for our port that calls for celebration in the city and surrounding regions!

Rotterdam: European Maritime Leader

Vice-Mayor and alderman Robert Simons: “Being declared for the second consecutive time as the second most prominent maritime city in the world is a confirmation that Rotterdam and the region are well on their way to further developing the maritime sector in times of transition. I am proud of this international recognition and also congratulate the other maritime cities on their excellent performance.”

The report provides valuable insights into which maritime cities offer the best policies, initiatives, and support for maritime businesses. These cities, including Rotterdam, excel in both soft and hard infrastructure and possess the right talent to enable maritime businesses to further thrive. In light of geopolitical shifts and significant environmental concerns, according to the researchers, the global maritime industry has remained resilient.

Benchmark maritime cities on five pillars

The report maintains its tradition of benchmarking maritime cities across five pillars: Shipping Centers, Maritime Finance and Legislation, Maritime Technology, Ports and Logistics, and Attractiveness and Competitiveness. By adding objective and subjective indicators, the report offers a comprehensive assessment of the performance of each city.

Maritime experts indicate that Singapore, Oslo, Shanghai, and Rotterdam are the cities best prepared for the digital transformation of the industry. Rotterdam follows Singapore and Oslo as the world’s leading center for green technologies and solutions. DNV and Menon Economics predict that cities taking the lead in the green transformation will become the leading maritime cities in the world within the next decade.

Rotterdam scores high on most pillars

Rotterdam is also considered a leading maritime city due to several factors. The city scores high on most pillars and is recognized for its excellent performance in maritime port and logistics infrastructure. Rotterdam is also known for its attractiveness and competitiveness in the maritime sector. This combination of strengths places Rotterdam high on the list of leading maritime cities worldwide.

Singapore maintains its position as the world’s premier maritime hub. With excellent performance across multiple pillars, the city’s strategic investments in innovation and green transformation confirm its status as a global maritime powerhouse. The top five leading cities in 2022 consisted of a mix of three Asian cities and two European cities. This year the roles have reversed, with three of the top five leading cities from Europe and two cities from Asia. Rotterdam and London remain in second and third place respectively. Shanghai remains in the fourth position, while Oslo has advanced to take the fifth spot.

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