The Rotterdam Maritime Board is an independent advisory body to the City of Rotterdam, the Drecht Cities and the Province of South-Holland. They deliver advice on topics that help to improve the regional business climate and marketing and promotion of Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe.


  • Visibility of the maritime sector in The Hague and the EU
  • Labor Market, Human Capital & Talent
  • Energy transition, Sustainability
  • Cyber ​​security
  • International Marketing
Rotterdam Maritime Board - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe Credit: Levien Willemse

The Rotterdam Maritime Board (RMB) consist of the captains of industry from Rotterdam and the region.

The RMB has a daily board (DB). This is a maximum of eleven members, including the chairman. The various sectors and branches are represented in the DB. Every two years the daily board elects a new chairman from among its members.

The RMB has a general assembly (GA). The GA has a maximum of forty members from the business community and knowledge institutes.

The RMB is supported by an official secretariat.

The secretariat is responsible for organizing and preparing the board meetings and for the coordination of requests for advice and support for reports. The official secretariat consists of:

  • Kitty Tang, Secretary
  • Nancy Trotsenburg, Project support

The RMB may decide to involve important additional stakeholders and knowledge institutes in drawing up an advice. Such as the Young Maritime Board, Deltalinqs, Marin Institute, Clingendael or TU Delft.


Daily Board RMB:

  • Peter Goedvolk, voorzitter, CEO First Dutch - Innovation/Commodity Trade/Investments
  • Allard Castelein, CEO Havenbedrijf Rotterdam – Port and Logistics
  • Ard-Jan Kooren, CEO Kotug - Shipping/ International business development
  • Arnout Damen, CEO Damen Shipyards Group – Shipyards, Construction and maintenance
  • Ellen van Dam, CEO Cornelder Holding – International logistics chains
  • Erik de Neef, Voorzitter KRVE – Maritime / Nautical services & manufacturing industry
  • Focko Dorhout Mees Voorzitter MARSH Nederland – Maritime Insurance
  • Frits Gronsveld, Voorzitter STC Group – Maritime Education and Training
  • Jan Valkier, CEO Anthony Veder – Shipping companies
  • Mai Elmar, CEO Cruise Port Rotterdam - Cruise Industry
  • Patrick van der Voort, CEO Vopak - Liquid bulk storage and Transhipment

General Assembly RMB:

  • Allard Castelein, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam – Port and Logistics
  • Annet Koster, KVNR - Shipowners' association
  • Anton Cornel, DUPI Group – Maritime Insurance
  • Ard Jan Kooren, Kotug – Shipping
  • Arie van Andel, Oceanco – Yacht building
  • Arnout Damen, Damen Shipyards - Shipyards, construction and maintenance
  • Bas Ort, Zwartbol Advocaten/NMT - Maritime Law
  • Ben Vree, Aquavite - Interim management & Government
  • Bokke Veltkamp, Steinweg – Logistics services
  • Connie Roozen, C&B More – Maritime business services
  • Daan Vriens, Cefetra) - Commodity Trade
  • Ellen van Dam, Cornelder Holding – Logistics services
  • Erik de Neef, KRVE – Nautical services
  • Focko Dorhout Mees, MARSH – Maritime insurance
  • Frits Gronsveld, STC Group – Maritime education and training
  • Hans Vervat, Matrans – Port services
  • Jan Valkier, Anthony Veder – Shipping companies
  • Jan-Pieter Klaver, IHC - Shipbuilding and Equipment
  • Karel Peters, MR Marine Group – Inspection and maintenance
  • Larissa van der Lugt , EUR UPT - Research
  • Lucas Vos, Stolt Tankers - Tankers
  • Mai Elmar, Cruiseport - Cruise industry
  • Marit van Heugten, YMB - Jong professionals
  • Marlon Drinkwaard, AquaSmartXL – Scale-up, Innovation
  • Patrick van der Voort, VOPAK – Liquid Bulk
  • Paul Goris, CBRB – Inland Shipping
  • Peter Goedvolk, First Dutch - Investments, innovation
  • Piet van den Brink, Shell - Energy, Commodity Trade
  • Pieter Baan, ING – Financial services
  • Pieter van Oord, Van Oord - Hydraulic engineering, Maritime services
  • Ralf Jacobs, MSC - Shipping
  • René Berkvens, Sea Europe - EU business /shipbuilding
  • Rob Nijst, VTTI - Energy storage provider
  • Rob Verkerk, NML – Dutch umbrella organisation for the maritime sector
  • Roel de Graaf, NMT - Maritime Technology
  • Stefan Meeusen, Peterson Union Control - Certification
  • Taco van der Valk, AKD - Transport and Commercial Law
  • Theo Baartmans, Boskalis – Dredging, maritime services
  • PortXL - Startups, Innovation