City skyline with green lanes


The time is ripe for investment in Rotterdam

Great ideas are great ideas, no matter who thinks of them. What you do and achieve with them is what counts.

Rotterdam is a city that offers opportunities for growth. With a world-class port that attracts and connects. A springboard for those who want to conquer the world.

Seeing and responding to a need

Rotterdam has always exerted a magnetic attraction on pioneers. People who eagerly accept every challenge. Teachers, talented professionals, scientists and investors who want to build great things based on ideas. And who want to achieve their objectives by bridging divides and making connections. Ranging from Pieter Calland and his development plan for the ‘Nieuwe Waterweg’ and the Maasvlakte I & II projects initiated by the Port of Rotterdam Authority, to the contributions of suppliers of 21st century solutions that have resulted in RDM Rotterdam, Port XL and other developments.

More information about investing Rotterdam and region

Invest in progress

There is no better time than now to invest in Rotterdam. The plans of Rotterdam’s maritime businesses extend beyond simply leading in their own sectors. In collaboration with scientists and government,

their objective is to create the first maritime region in the world that operates in a completely carbon-neutral manner. They see innovation and sustainability as the instruments for achieving this.

Favourable conditions

We cannot predict the future. But we can create conditions that favour innovation and sustainability. A good educational infrastructure, attractive and affordable housing, good accessibility to the city and region, fast connections to Europe and the world, and a favourable investment and business climate.

During the last three decades, constant investment has gone into forging the city, port and surrounding region into a maritime ecosystem. Do you have a good idea? Do you see potential? Seize the opportunities offered by Rotterdam and go for it.