City skyline with green lanes


The time is ripe for investment in Rotterdam

Looking to start or grow your business? Rotterdam is the ideal location to settle your maritime business! 

Rotterdam is a city with room to grow, with a global port that attracts and connects. A launching pad for those who want to conquer the world 

Seeing and responding to a need

The area between Hook of Holland and the Drecht Cities is home to a complete and innovative maritime cluster, with Rotterdam as its beating heart. Doing business here means operating at the forefront of the new economy. Our buzzing, diverse and inclusive city is also a hub that attracts international talents, vital for any growing international company. 

Invest in progress

We actively support innovative start-ups and scale-ups. We look for crossovers and companies that present solutions in digitalisation and sustainability to strengthen the maritime ecosystem, and for new and innovative ways to help businesses grow.  

Do you have an idea? Do you see opportunities? Contact one of our partners to learn more about investment and business opportunities in Rotterdam and Drechtsteden. 

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