Superyacht - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe

Superyacht Hub Rotterdam.

Ideal stopover on the Northern European route.

The Dutch superyacht industry has an ironclad reputation. Rotterdam, the maritime capital of Europe harbours a complete network of high quality yards, service providers, yachting agencies, chandlers, and suppliers.

Everything is available at the highest standard possible.

The excellent accessibility and top notch facilities make Rotterdam an ideal hub on the increasingly popular Northern European route. This makes the port an attractive stopover for visiting superyachts or boarding of charter guests.

Superyacht calling Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe

Great accessibility and a warm welcome

Superyachts calling the rivers and ports of Rotterdam experience numerous advantages. The open connection to the sea provides great accessibility and effortless entrance into the port.

The region offers exclusive superyacht berths and yards with the best accommodations. Foreign media often refer to Rotterdam as one of the 'top cities in the world' with a unique character and metropolitan attitude.

Visiting superyachts receive a warm welcome. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is conveniently located with a dedicated jet center.

Procedures are clear and accessibility is outstanding. This ensures comfortable, quick and easy traveling to and from the yacht for owners, clients and crew. It is safe to say the maritime capital of Europe is the ideal location to welcome your charter guests.

Nightlife in Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe Credit: Iris van den Broek

Interesting activities and leisure for visiting crew

Rotterdam has a lot to offer to captains and crew as well. Iconic architecture, a broad variety of art and culture, plenty of restaurants catering any craving, and a vibrant nightlife scene.

Historic cities such as Schiedam, known for its windmills and invigorating ‘Jenever’ gin, and Dordrecht with the Biesbosch National Park are just around the corner. Visit the Nationaal Jenever Museum in Schiedam and learn all about the history of the jenever and the production process. The Hague, Amsterdam and Antwerp are an hour away by train.

Transportation in and around Rotterdam is easy and swift. Apart from an extensive and reliable public transportation system Rotterdam has the best water taxi network of Europe. A unique system with more than fifty of its own docks providing easy tendering services.

Superyacht Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe Credit: Francisco Jose Martinez Mendez

Ideal stopover on the Northern European route

The popularity of Northern destinations such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Baltic region has increased tremendously in the recent years.

The strategic location, accessibility, and high quality facilities for maintenance and refit make Rotterdam the ideal stopover for superyachts that follow the Northern European route.

Whether en route to London, Copenhagen, Stockholm and the Norwegian fjords, or the South to Bilbao and the Mediterranean: Rotterdam is the ideal stopover!

Superyacht Delta - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe Credit: Francisco Jose Martinez Mendez

Craftsmanship, state of art innovations and a personal approach

The main share of the Dutch superyacht construction industry can be found in the Rotterdam region. The Netherlands not only excel in the construction and design of superyachts, but in refit and maintenance as well.

The maritime capital of Europe has the best facilities to accommodate maintenance, repair and renovation of superyachts. On top of that, Rotterdam offers craftsmanship, state of art innovations and a personal approach to owners and ship managers.