Leading enterprises are opting more frequently for competitive regions and a city offering attractive conditions for setting up a business. They want a location where the business community is working towards innovation, and one which drives growth. One where there is scope for development, where people have the courage to take the lead and the ambition to make their dreams come true.

And Rotterdam is just such an attractive city and region for the maritime industry in Europe. It is a world-famous international port that attracts businesses and keeps them here, and a vibrant global city overflowing with ambition.

It is home to the world’s leading enterprises operating in the fields of transport & logistics, maritime business services and commodity trading.

Here in Rotterdam, we’ve got the financial resources and talented people who are working with the industrial sector to develop smart and sustainable solutions that will give Rotterdam a distinct advantage over other cities.

We have plenty of scope for development, and we’re continually working towards improving our facilities and our infrastructure.

And here in Rotterdam, the city, the port and the region enhance each other because they operate as one sole urban maritime ecosystem.

This is borne out by the figures, and our people are living proof of it.