Commodity Trading - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe Credit: Hester Blankenstijn

Commodity Trading

The most complete trading hub in the world

In Rotterdam, the port lies at your feet!

With the port figuratively at your feet, your cargo is literally at your fingertips. You are closer to your product than anywhere else in the world. This is one of the many benefits of doing business here.

Commodity Trading - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe Credit: Ossip van Duivenbode

Everything you need is there

In Rotterdam, you can organise your supply chain according to your needs. The proximity of the port, a large network of maritime services and specialised research and educational institutes make Rotterdam thé place to be for maritime businesses.

Centuries of expertise

We know what we are talking about. Because Rotterdam has a long history in trade and shipping dating back to the 16th century. Many trading companies started out or became leading players in Rotterdam.

For example, Unilever, Vitol, SHV Energy, renowned tea trader Van Rees, peanut trader Aldebaran, Catz, a leading trader in nuts, and Nidera and Cebeco, which specialise in grain.

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