Europort - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe

2021 will be Europort’s 40th edition, but it will not be business like usual. For the upcoming edition a range of new features is introduced to make sure that participation will be both safe and successful. Europort is committed that you will meet the right people in a new state-of-the-art environment, ensuring everybody’s health is our top priority.

Since many decades Europort has been the exhibition and meeting place where the international maritime industry gets together to connect, cooperate and innovate. Now, 80 years in the process, the need to meet face-to-face may be stronger than ever. Europort is convinced that, in this digital era, personal encounters are indispensable to the maritime industry.

Europort senses the urge to act and feels the responsibility to make things happen. From special ships, port logistics to neighbouring industries. Let’s initiate a deeper understanding of themes that are of vital interest to the maritime ecosystem during Europort 2021.

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