The CA010 helps Rotterdam-based organizations to seize their opportunities and prepare for threats in the digital transition. This will strengthen the cyber resilience of the whole city; cyber resilient organizations keep our economy strong and cyber resilient citizens strengthen our safety and individual wellbeing.

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A successful digital transition is indispensable for supporting the transitions in climate, energy and sustainability. The aim of the Cyber Assessment Rotterdam 2022 is to gain a better understanding of today's digital resilience, making sectors aware of potential (possibly sector transcending) cyber threats and opportunities, and identifying actions that ensure more cyber resilience.

Most cyber assessment instruments are often focussed on threats, however, developing your strengths gives far more energy. The CA010 does not only offer insights into threats that the city of Rotterdam sees in the digital transition, but into opportunities as well. The development of opportunities and strengths opens up the possibility to inspire others and share your experiences. Collaboration is especially important when it comes to cybersecurity. In the criminal cyber world there is a lot of collaboration between all sorts of criminal organizations with each their specialties. Only by collaborating closely, organizations in Rotterdam can create a strong Rotterdam that is resilient against these threats.

The CA010 2022 arose from three sessions with specialists and stakeholders from the Rotterdam area. The working group has taken ten primary urban functions of Rotterdam as a starting point. These urban functions are parts of our society that are essential to the city of Rotterdam to function properly as a whole. The working group has opted for the urban functions Mobility, Economy, Governance, Public Services, Education, Crisis Management (Public Order and Safety), Healthcare, Housing, Utilities and the Port.

Source: CDO Office Rotterdam