Thanks to the enthusiastic cooperation of Fairplay Towage, Royal Roos successfully connected the Fairplay 34 sea going vessel to shore power at their quay side at Merwehaven Rotterdam as part of a first test with a 125A (2x63A) power connection box.

Shore power - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe Credit: Royal Roos

During sunny days all shore power is provided via the 1.500m2 of solar panels on the roof of building De Werkplaats. Throughout a one week test, vessel Fairplay 34 managed to save an equivalent of 1.020 kg of CO2 emission by being connected to shore power.

An additional 380/400/440/690V – 50/60Hz fixed shore power connection is planned to be operational at the same quay side by the end of 2022. Ready to provide shore power to even more vessels moored at Merwehaven. Investing in the future of greener shipping.

A big thank you to Fairplay Towage Group, Royal Roos Ingeniería, REACT EU/Kansen voor West, Port of Rotterdam and Gemeente Rotterdam for their contribution and support to the realization of our shore power connections.

Source: Netherlands Maritime Technology