Lloyd's Register has granted Approval in Principle for Rotterdam based Value Maritime’s Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) System. The Filtree System – a prefabricated gas cleaning system that filters sulphur and 99% of particulate matter, significantly reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Value Maritime receives LR Award - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe Credit: Value Maritime

Value Maritime’s Filtree System will be installed on two Eastern Pacific Shipping vessels, making them the largest ocean-going vessels fitted with carbon capture technology.

The CCS system includes a Carbon Capture Module that captures the CO2 in a special chemical. This chemical will be stored in a large tank onboard which will be converted for this purpose. When full, the chemical will be pumped out in port and the CO2 will be released for re-use by CO2 customers or for injection into carbon sequestration networks.

The Approval in Principle confirms Value Maritime’s CCS system as compliant with LR’s goal-based and comprehensive prescriptive requirements, marking a milestone on the journey towards halving GHG emissions by 2050, as set out by the IMO.

Value Maritime’s CCS technology allows vessels to capture up to 40% of CO2 emissions, with the potential of exceeding 90% in the future.

Source: Value Maritime