To sail a ship, not only technology is important, maritime business services also play an essential role as well. From financing and insuring a ship, to getting legal and tax advice; in Rotterdam, it all comes together. Here you will find a community of professionals ready to help accelerate your business. Watch this video and get to know the maritime business services in the Rotterdam region.

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Rotterdam is the go-to city if you want to do business with professional maritime service providers who are masters of their profession to the tiniest details. In many ways, the maritime business services cluster functions as a one-stop-shop, generating a “flywheel effect”, one especially helpful for start-ups and scale-ups.

To capture this knowledge and give you an insight into the maritime business services of the Rotterdam Region, download the article below about the latest developments of the maritime business services in Rotterdam.

The Rotterdam Maritime Services Community (RMSC) represents the business interests of these Rotterdam based companies that provide professional business services to the maritime industry.