As part of its ambition to create an international network of hubs to accelerate scaleups in climate, maritime and energy tech, the Dutch organisation Platform Zero has entered into a partnership with the Portuguese Fórum Oceano for the creation of a Climate tech hub in Lisbon. This hub will be part of the network of hubs together with Platform Zero’s first hub in Rotterdam.

During the ceremony that took place on June 27th; the first day of the 2022 UN Ocean Conference, Ruben Eiras, Secretary General of Fórum Oceano and Mare Straetmans, co-founder of Platform Zero entered into an partnership to jointly develop the Climate Hub in Lisbon, in the presence of José Maria da Costa, the Portuguese Secretary of State of the Sea.


The hub is part of a larger ambition to build up to 8 hubs in strategic locations spread across Portugal. Alongside Fórum Oceano and Platform Zero, the Portuguese government and the Portuguese Navy are stakeholders in the initiative, which aspires to accelerate the development and large scale implementation of tech ventures that will benefit oceans and maritime.

This first hub of Platform Zero outside the Netherlands fits with the ambition of Platform Zero to build a network of hubs around the world, focused on tech ventures that will tackle climate change and improve ocean health. Scaling climate technology ventures (startups/scaleups) needs international exposure, commercialisation and knowledge sharing, for each of which this network of hubs will play a crucial role.

Progress of Platform Zero

The initiative is also a logical next step on top of the progress that Platform Zero is making in The Netherlands. Besides securing it’s first hub in Rotterdam, Platform Zero also launched it’s first €10 mln fund with entrepreneur and investor Peter Goedvolk, recently announced the involvement of the former Maersk MD Sara Ravazza and launched it’s own first venture for zero emissions shipping with Container Zero.

Founder Mare Straetmans who was previously responsible for the creation of the leading international maritime accelerator Port XL sees huge potential in the collaboration between Portugal and the Netherlands. “The Netherlands and Portugal rank among the best European ecosystems for startups, and are both facing the sea. Climate Scaleups across countries are the next frontier, and they need all the support, access and funding they can get in achieving their growth.

Source: Platform Zero