A recent Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2022 published by the Startup Genome, which is a world-leading innovation policy advisory and research firm advising on the ecosystem development strategy and action plans, states that Startups are Creating a Future-Proof Economy in Rotterdam.

Metro - Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe Credit: Daarzijn
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The report reveals that the ecosystem now employs 25,000 people, which is one fifth of all the startup jobs in the Netherlands. “With the support of a variety of programmes, initiatives, and organisations, Rotterdam’s startup scene is driving a transition toward a future-proof economy,” the report explains.

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Home to Europe’s largest port and an extensive network of waterways, roads, and rail lines, Rotterdam, the second-largest city in the Netherlands, has earned the nicknames “gateway to Europe” and “gateway to the world”.

The city of Rotterdam is part of the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam the Hague (MRDH), an entrepreneurial hotbed of 23 municipalities. This combined startup ecosystem employs 25,000 people — one fifth of all startup jobs in the Netherlands — and has a market value of over $3.6 billion. Rotterdam is also closely connected to nearby Amsterdam and the rest of the thriving Dutch business community.

Thanks to strategic regional and national partnerships, the region hosts a thriving community of over 1,600 active startups with prominent clusters in Smart Logistics, Life Sciences, and Cleantech.

Source: Innovation Quarter