Qlayers' coating robot Credit: Qlayers' coating robot

Qlayers, a leader in pioneering industrial coating application technologies, received a substantial investment from Rotterdamse Havendraken, the
esteemed investment association recognized for its support of innovative technologies in the port, maritime, logistics, and energy sectors.

Qlayers: Innovating Global Coating Solutions

Since its establishment, Qlayers has distinguished itself by developing innovative robotic coating solutions that transform coating application processes across multiple industries. Operating from Delft, the Netherlands, Qlayers excels in creating advanced robotic systems for coating large industrial assets, including storage tanks, wind turbines, and ships. The company's unique technology, a patented spray shielding system, significantly mitigates overspray, reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and microplastics emissions.

As of 2024, the company operates across Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North America. Qlayers' automated coating technologies have gained trust and recognition of top-tier asset owners, contractors and equipment providers worldwide, which have incorporated Qlayers' solutions into their operations.

“With this investment from Rotterdamse Havendraken, we're not just redefining industrial coating standards; we're leading a global movement towards sustainable innovation, reshaping industries beyond surfaces,” said Josefien Groot, CEO and Co-founder of Qlayers.

Looking Ahead to a Sustainable Future

Qlayers' groundbreaking robotic coating technology exemplifies a commitment to eco-friendly solutions, aiming to reduce waste and enhance workplace safety. This aligns seamlessly with the Rotterdamse Havendraken's overarching goal of promoting ecological progress in maritime activities.

The backing from Rotterdamse Havendraken marks an important milestone for Qlayers as the company ventures into an exciting phase of global growth. Both entities are keen to explore the extensive potential their joint efforts will introduce to the forefront of the industry.

About Rotterdamse Havendraken

Rotterdamse Havendraken is an investment firm focused on supporting innovative technologies in the port, maritime, logistics, and energy sectors. With a commitment to sustainable development, this experienced group invests in companies that drive technological advancement and ecological responsibility in these industries.

"Rotterdamse Havendraken is thrilled to support Qlayers in their mission to redefine industrial coating. This collaboration is a testament to the potential when innovation and industry experience join forces," stated Robin Slakhorst, Co-founder of Rotterdamse Havendraken.