We4Sea is an innovative frontrunner with its roots in the Rotterdam region. The company monitors the performance of any seagoing vessel remotely without the need to go onboard. With the help of Yes!Delft they were able to turn their idea to make shipping more efficient, cleaner, cheaper and sustainable into reality.

One of the first tech incubators

Yes!Delft is one of the first tech incubators in the Netherlands, located in Delft, The Hague and Rotterdam. They work closely alongside Delft University of Technology and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. The incubator specialises in supporting and empowering tech entrepreneurs in bringing their innovations to market in the quickest and best way possible. They help founders to validate ideas, to find a product-market fit, and to turn that into a successful start-up like We4Sea. Dan Veen: "They helped us to develop our business plan and a sound business model. After winning a pitch competition - the Port Innovation Lab - we decided to go for it."

Acceleration programme

They also provide help to start-ups who have already proved themselves by taking the first successful steps to strengthen their foundation and accelerate traction. The acceleration programme focuses on the next steps needed to build a company with a scalable, profitable and repeatable business model. This occurs with the help of the regional innovation ecosystem of experts, mentors, corporate partners and investors.

The regional innovation ecosystem

The Rotterdam region is home to a top-notch innovation ecosystem. Apart from excellent conditions created through a sound innovation Triple Helix (cooperation between the market, knowledge institutions and governments), the region provides easy access to partners, clients and investors. This is facilitated by numerous incubators and accelerators with proven track records. Yes!Delft, PortXL, Buccaneer Delft and the CIC Rotterdam innovation community are ready to help facilitate your growth.

Springboard to the international market

The regional innovation ecosystem is unique, especially when it comes to innovations that are or might be interesting for the maritime industry. The network and market are just around the corner, with an open attitude to welcoming newcomers. A nurturing ecosystem where groundbreaking ideas and products are created, tested and brought to reality. All this makes the Rotterdam region the perfect testing ground and springboard for maritime scale-ups seeking to enter the international maritime market.

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