Young Corporation Award at ShipCon 2021 Credit: Chris Gorzeman

Promoting companies who go the extra mile in their efforts on focusing on and promoting young professionals in the maritime industry.

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The work of YoungShip is 100% dependent on the strong support from the maritime companies. Through the past years,  Youngship has seen that the focus on the young employees is growing within all parts of the industry, due to the extensive need for recruiting highly skilled and competent staff as a vast number of maritime employees are close to retirement age.

The industry challenge

If the industry stays ahead in the global competition and solve tomorrow´s challenges, the maritime industry is fully dependent on attracting the brightest brains, the hard working and innovative employees, and manage to compete with several other main industries on critical competence. The industry also needs to become more visible and promote the exciting and global aspects few other industries can show for. This is an important job for the industry as a whole, yet cannot succeed unless individual companies show their investments and dedication in the next generation employees. This has become even more pressing during the unique challenges the global pandemic has created for the industry and seafarers.

Awarding the front runners

To promote the companies that go the extra mile in their efforts on focusing on and promoting young professionals in the maritime industry. This will be awarded to a company within the international maritime industry, which has excelled at one or more of the following criteria;

• Those that promote its young leaders
• Those that drive forward its young talent
• Companies that devote time & money on building the competence of young people in the organisation
• Clear defined trainee programs or other competence enhancing programs
• And finally those that support initiatives within the maritime community

Jury / award committee & award ceremony

The jury for this years' award will be the Chair of YoungShip Rotterdam hosting ShipCon 2021 and the board of YoungShip International including the Secretary General. Together Youngship assess the worthy candidates based on 5 main criteria. The 2021 Young Corporation Award will be handed out during ShipCon 2021 in Rotterdam from the 19th October to the 5th November 2021. The nomination period is open, and anyone can nominate candidates for the award.

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