After the success of recent years, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) will confirm their continuing collaboration for another two years, during a visit of a Rotterdam delegation to Singapore. The collaboration consists of a Study Abroad Program in which a cohort of 80-120 Singaporean Maritime Studies students follow a 4-months program organized by Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics.

Left to right: Reinette Sluijk (Programme Manager Erasmus UPT), Allard Castelein (CEO Port of Rotterdam), Ahmed Aboutaleb (Mayor of Rotterdam), Ed Brinskma (President of the Executive Board at Erasmus University),  Dr Larissa van der Lugt (Director Erasmus UPT), Prof Chu Jian (Chair, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering NTU), Prof Louis Phee (Dean, College of Engineering NTU), Associate Professor Wong Yiik Diew (Associate Chair (Academic), School of Civil and Environmental Engineering NTU), Capt. Tan Kim Hock (Programme Director Maritime Studies NTU), Wanda Preiser (Head, Office of International Engagement NTU)

This study abroad program, started in 2019, provides an extensive 5-course program in which the academic maritime expertise of Erasmus University is complimented by the guest-lectures from members of the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community (RMSC). Visits to the Port of Rotterdam are of course part of the program.

“Development of knowledge and human capital are key for society. In this globalized world, building international networks for knowledge exchange is crucial. Erasmus University Rotterdam has a strong focus on that. The Study Abroad Program between Erasmus University’s Center for Urban, Port and Transport Economics and Nanyang Technological University is part of this network building and I am glad about the continuation of this important relationship with NTU. We look forward to welcoming the talented Maritime Studies students”, says Professor Ed Brinksma, President of the Executive Board of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Strengthening ties between Ports of Rotterdam and Singapore

In Singapore a celebrating moment was organized to confirm the continuation of the Study Abroad Program. This was combined with a high-level visit out of Rotterdam for a broader strengthening of relations between Rotterdam and Singapore.

“The recently signed partnership between the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore and Port of Rotterdam is testimony of a mutual ambition of the port cities of Singapore and Rotterdam to lead the international shipping corridors of the future. Talent development is essential to meet the challenges of tomorrow, in the field of energy transition, digitization and geopolitics. Therefore, it is fantastic that the partnership for the program in Maritime Studies between Nanyang Technological University and Erasmus University’s Centre for Urban Port and Transport Economics has been extended.”, says Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb.

Brinksma also cites that this between EUR & NTU collaboration also fits very well within our Convergence strategy. "The Resilient Delta Initiative's mission is to design resilience solutions in the Rotterdam delta and to implement these solutions around the globe. Tackling today’s global societal challenges requires resilience, especially in the delta regions,” says Professor Brinksma.

Professor Chu Jian, Chair, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, NTU Singapore, said, “By tapping into the academic and industry links of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the overseas study programme exposes our maritime studies students to broader perspectives and provides a platform for them to engage international world-class experts. This can help build global connections to address common challenges in the sector when these students join the workforce in the future.”

The Study Abroad Programme

The Academic Director of the Study Abroad programme, Dr Wouter Jacobs, added: “Despite the successful online programs of the past two years, nothing beats ‘physically being there’ to learn, in an international setting, from cultural exchange and real-world observations.” Dr Larissa van der Lugt, director of Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics added: “The maritime expertise we have at the Erasmus University is world-class, interacting with students from a world-class university in Singapore enriches the maritime research and education we provide across the board.”