Looking for growth through collaborations with maritime leader firms? In Rotterdam this is just a cup of coffee away! Especially for scale-ups with innovative ideas. Or what Bo Salet has to say about how easy it is to get connected within the Rotterdam maritime network?

Lees meer over het start-up en scale-up klimaat in Rotterdam.

Watch the video to learn more about how Rotterdam based scaleup Wattlab managed to set-up valuable partnerships in the maritime capital of Europe.


Since 2017, Wattlab has set new boundaries for the application of solar power. Originating from the Nuon Solar Team (now Brunel Solar Team), Wattlab closes the gap between science and market applications. With close collaborations with industry leaders and cutting edge knowledge institutes, the latest innovations are integrated into new solar applications. With a passion for technology and a drive to solve the climate problem, every challenge is an opportunity for the team.

According to Bo Salet (CEO Wattlab) the maritime capital has a lot to offer. Due to the close proximity to the Delft University of Technology and maritime frontrunners such as Damen Shipyards and Blommaert Aluminium it is very easy to find well needed expertise and markets. Creating opportunities for developing, testing and bringing to market of cutting edge technologies.